Pohpiah/Spring rolls

Pohpiah – The traditional one which uses handmade pohpiah skin. Have you guys see how the skin is done? It is very unique and I used to be captivated with the person who did it. He has this flat piece of steel wok/kuali. One of his hand (usually right hand) is like having an extension of a huge ball of white, sticky, gluey, wobbly dough. Mr Pohpiah man will then take the dough and swipe it very quickly over the kuali while wriggling his butts and shake his head. The dough stuck to the hands for eternity and remains there the whole time. Then, using the left-hand, he will peel off the pohpiah skin on the wok. Then, he repeats the rhythm with the dough hand. And this goes on and on and on….

Ahhh…talking about poh piah skin already took up a whole paragraph. So, to cut a long story short, I shall put up photos of two rolls of pohpiah that I ate last night at 11pm. Burp. RM2.20 for these huge, bursting rolls. It comes with a little packet of soup to pour over the pohpiah, just before serving. In Penang, pohpiah basah and pohpiah goreng are sold in pasar malam by the Malays too. Basically, pohpiah contains only vege and some prawns.

I like making pohpiah and will probably post a detailed recipe in the next few days. I have several versions so I need time to recollect my memory first. Recently, I made a batch of spring rolls. Spring rolls are fried pohpiah. It is very easy to make and kids love them. They will be munching away a lot of vegetables without knowing they are vegetables (kids hate vege, ok?). Crunch, crunch, yum, yum and they think it is some sinful junkfood.

Below is a photo of the fried spring rolls I made. The photo was taken when they were just out of the wok, before I have time to drain the oil. You can see a sheen of wicked oil on the fried stuff.

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