Prawn and mango salad

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Lazy day is salad day. To make salad for kids, all one need to do is to add some protein food and some fruits and that’s all. Leave the vege out if they hate it. No point spoilling their eating mood.

I made the above salad for the kids today.

1 mango (the cukanan mango that is easily found in most supermarket)
2 small apples (the Royal Gala found in abundance)
2 hard boil eggs
2 lobster tails (the artificial one from Seapack, or use those crabsticks)

Slice mango. Peel apple and slice. Rub some salt on the apple to avoid it changing colour. Slice the hard boil egg. The lobster tails can be eaten after thawed but best to either boil, microwave or steamed, to avoid lau sai.

Salad sauce : Thousand island, mixed with some mayonaisse. A little Dijon mustard (optional). Quantity – enough to coat the food.

Place mango on plate. Mixed the rest with the salad sauce. Don’t mixed the mango or else it will turn pukey looking.

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