Preparing the home for the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an important festival in my family as I was previously a Taoist/Buddhist who placed strong emphasis on doing everything right to bring good luck. However, I am not that superstitous anymore after I turned to Christianity. Still, it is good to have a good spring cleaning, throwing out old and broken furnitures, buy some new ones, send old books and toys to the recycle centre and etc.

In the traditional Chinese homes, we even have a special day to sweep the cobwebs on the ceiling using bamboo leaves. The bamboo leaves are supposed to drive away all the bad luck gathered in the previous years.

Of course, nowadays people hardly follow the tradition and with the price increases, many homes also do not change curtains, furnitures or do anything costly. However, if I have a choice, I think I would want to upgrade my bathroom. I have always wanted a long bath so that I can hide in the bathroom, taking a long leisurely bath without anyone disturbing me.

Bathroom Suites like those featured on this site comes in a complete package with the toilet, bathtub and wash basin. I like those traditional ones with the claws. It is so Victorian.

But I guess I shall have to KIV any plans for any major renovations because I am also on an austerity drive to prepare for a bad ox year in 2009. That’s what every analysts, astrologists, economists said. 2009 is a year fraught with lots of obstacles. So, cut costs!

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