Pretty piggies all in a row

Of all the offerings made by the Taoists to the heavenly god, the roasted pig probably is the highest offerings there is.

These photos were taken last Chinese New Year during the Thnee Kong birthday, on the ninth day of Chinese New Year.


Roasted pigs will be offered during other religious ceremonies too if the person can afford it. During Ching Ming, the son-in-law is expected to offer a roasted pig to his deceased parent-in-law on the first year he is married. I.e. new son-in-law must fulfil (i.e. if he can afford a whole roasted pig which costs around RM400+ and above) this offerings.


From the number of roasted pigs lining up and the bottles of XO, you know that the residents of the Chew Jetty in Penang are very rich people, aren’t they?

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    (March 25, 2006 - 12:37 pm)

    Mmmm…. is that siu bak taste good?

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