Prosciutto and salami


Prosciutto and salami – another sinfully ‘arteries clogging’ foods. Salami is probably made up of 50% fats. You can feel the oil squishing in the mouth as you chew on them. So each piece is a big chunk of guilt down the throat.


Prosciutto from Italy is the best. These are tissue thin slices of cured ham which have been air-dried. It is rather expensive, whether in Italy itself or locally here in our country.

Prosciutto, or Parma ham, is a dry-cured ham from central and northern Italy.

Strictly speaking, prosciutto means “ham” in Italian. Therefore, it generically refers to the pork cut, and not to its specific preparation. So in Italian there is a disctinction between prosciutto crudo (literally “raw ham”, that is to say cured ham, which English speakers refer to as “prosciutto”) and prosciutto cotto (“cooked ham”, which is similar to what English speakers call “ham”, as a derivative of the pork cut).

Both of these meats are delicious taken in small portions. A few nibbles before the main meal is perfect but certainly not something I want to take often. Gosh, I wonder how long have they been preserved?

Another good way to enjoy them is to slab on some cream cheese on a cracker (table water) and serves as hors d’oeuvre. Put a little grape or peaches to balance the flavour. Yummy!

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    (March 25, 2006 - 12:56 pm)

    Prosciutto just like our Chinese 雲南火腿‧Usually use this Ham to make supreme stock ,like shark fins soup base or they slice the meat and cook with expensive 海味(dried seafood). the process making this ham is so similar with Prociutto. Both are good, except the Chinese Ham, you rarely eat it without cooking it.

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    (September 7, 2007 - 4:19 pm)

    where can you get parma ham in penang?

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