Recipe for Easter : Roasted chicken with dijon mustard and bacon


I like to wrap my roast chicken or turkey with bacon during the roasting time. The bacon, especially the streaky bacon will impart a really nice flavour to the roasted meat and also give it a moist finish. When the bacon is crispy and brown, I will take it out of the oven and let the chicken to continue roasting until the skin is crispy.

bacon red wine

I cover the chicken with dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Cover the chicken pieces with bacon. Pour red wine into the roasting pan. I only use about a cup of red wine as the Merlot is rather expensive so I cannot be wasting the wine that way. If I have a cheaper bottle of wine, I will probably use more.

Roast the chicken for about an hour or more.

roast chicken with dijon mustard

I get a dish of really tasty roast chicken. More on the recipe on my Best Recipe food blog. This will make a nice simple meal for Easter dinner. No fuss at all as the chicken has been cut into serving sizes. Nothing grand but tasty as it is. The original recipe uses rabbits.

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6 thoughts on “Recipe for Easter : Roasted chicken with dijon mustard and bacon

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    (March 24, 2008 - 7:45 am)

    Wow! The roasted chicken looks tempting.


    (March 24, 2008 - 5:32 pm)

    Yeah! I’m hungry already! But it does feel a little meaty huh!


    (June 1, 2008 - 3:56 pm)

    Looks too irresistable! Will try this recipe next. Happy coincidence, i bought the same brand of dijon mustard cos i too felt the English mustard is too strong for kids. A quick thanks for all yr sharing. Simple and yummy food. To date, I’ve cooked w huge success chicken pie (unable get kawan brand pastry, only pampas), peanut cookies, khau yoke, mui choy w pork belly, jiu hoo char…in fact too many to list. My mom (who is a major food critic:-)) is suitably impressed. I gave the credit to you.


    (February 12, 2010 - 3:02 pm)

    Hi there, please tell me where can I get Dijon Mustard ? TQ

    zahid ali khan

    (March 31, 2010 - 4:01 pm)

    very good excellent dish i must try this dish

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