Recipe : Pig’s maw pepper soup

The long overdue recipe. I had posted : How to clean a pig’s stomach a few posts ago and many readers had shared their valuable tips. Do read up and try them out.

This photo is like more than one year old, a dish I cooked for last year Chinese New Year. Pig’s stomach is only favoured by certain Chinese and some people dare not even try this delicacy. But mothers whom had just delivered a baby are usually stuffed with lots of pig’s stomachs throughout the one month, they are in ‘confinement’. Pig’s stomach soup is really nice.

Last time, we had a business associate who looks like Chinese. He loved this too thor tn’g very much and can pronounce it well eventhough he can’t speak Chinese. So, he would happily followed all his Chinese friends for meals and personally say ‘Too Thor Tn’g’ much to our amusement. Want to know what happened to him? One day, he got a heart attack and almost died. Then, he repented and now revert back to his faith which forbade pork.

Recipe : Pig’s maw soup – Too Tor Th’ng

  • One large pig’s maw which had been thoroughly cleaned
  • One kampung/free range chicken, cleaned
  • Two tablespoons of white peppercorns, smashed
  • One bulb garlic
  • Salt
  • Water – Enough bowls, like two bowls, you can consume (don’t put too much or the soup will be diluted)

Optional ingredients

  • Gingko
  • Straw mushroom
  • 5 water chestnuts (mah tai), peeled and cut into halves

Method :

Stuff the chicken into the stomach. Yeah, you read right. Stuff the whole chicken into the little cavity. Put half the quantity of the peppers in too. Slow boil the soup or use a pressure cooker or using normal pot and fire, it takes at least 2 hours. Add the water chestnuts, garlic, pepper and salt but leave the mushroom and gingko to be added later.
To test if the pig’s stomach is ready for eating, use a chopstick and stab it. If the chopstick go in easily, then it is ready. If there is resistant, continue cooking. Add mushrooms and gingkos to boil for a little longer. When ready, remove the chicken and serve separately. Slice the pig’s stomach into huge slices.

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