Recipe : Steamed pork with mui heong (salted fish)

Fresh, fragrant, not-very-salty mui heong or ikan mergui salted fish is a luxury we have here in our island.  These are very expensive commodity and can cost as much as RM10 for a tiny slice the size of a 4 inch long X 1 inche width piece  of meat.   We only get them from certain stalls in the wet market.  Deep frying them is of course the best way of enjoying mui heong salted fish.

I do not quite fancy serving salted fish or any preserved seafood to my children because these are known to cause cancer of the nose, throat and mouth.  But sometimes, when we keep getting wafts of these heavenly smells from the neighbours, we have to indulge occassionally.

Recipe for steam minced pork with salted fish:

  1. About 300 grams minced pork
  2. A matchbox slice of salted fish, soaked to remove salt
  3. Few slices of ginger
  4. Chopped garlic


  • Season pork with one teaspoon of cornflour, dash of sesame oil, pepper and Chinese cooking wine
  • Stir fry garlic and ginger with a little oil
  • Place pork in a steaming plate, pat to flattened
  • Put fragrance garlic, ginger, some of the oil and steam fish on top
  • Add just a wee bit of water
  • Steam.  You can put this above your rice cooker while cooking rice.

A surefire way to get everyone to top up their rice.  I shall share recipe for steamed chicken with salted fish and black fungus, when I got around to cook it.

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3 thoughts on “Recipe : Steamed pork with mui heong (salted fish)


    (May 4, 2006 - 11:20 pm)

    my hubby’s fave!


    (December 2, 2008 - 7:14 pm)

    Hi, can any type of salted fish be used as in UK here it
    may not be possible to get
    mui heong.


    (December 3, 2008 - 6:31 pm)

    Greetings from London, can’t wait for your chicken dish with mui heong, saw an
    Aussie-produced TV programme
    about Chinese being disposed
    to contracting cancers of the type that you describe given
    their predilection for salted
    fish, no harm for consuming
    things in moderation as to
    the “naughty foods”, I suppose.

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