Recipe : Waxed duck and Chinese sausage rice

chinese sausage and waxed duck

I am super-duper full and satisfied after a meal of my own homecooked waxed duck and sausage rice. I just took a look at my previous post and found that I had some horrijible, lousy waxed duck rice last year in KL. I was staying in Boulevard and I remembered I went to one of the Chinese restaurant to had my dinner consisting of that claypot of rice.

I bought these stuffs from the Kwong Tuck Chinese foodstuffs shop in Campbell Street today. If you have not been to this shop, you are missing part of our heritage. The shop owner is this Cantonese speaking, very, very old man (maybe in his 80s) and he used to use the abacus to calculate.

No one else is allowed to touch the cash counter, only him. So, everyone has to wait for him to tik-tak-tik-tak….He has to check everything twice and hence, the waiting time is very long. I suppose he must have come to Malaya when he was a young boy and he never speak any dialect except Cantonese.

chinese dried sausage and waxed duck

I hate the customer service because there is none. You may end up getting scolded if you don’t place your order correctly and fast enough. They will rush you and keep asking ‘chong yau meh? Fai tit, fai tit, ngo mm tak han lor’. (tiu, like that also can?) I only learnt to patronise this shop because my ex-bf’s mom used to brought me there. *sigh* I somehow learnt some Cantonese style of cooking through her. (thanks to her for the legacy)

I love to cook waxed duck and Chinese sausage rice because they are so tasty, no matter how you make it.


I don’t have any nice photo because everyone cannot wait to eat so this is all I manage to snap.

What I did was :

3 cups rice
A few pandan leaves
2 Chinese sausages
1 Chinese liver sausage (yun cheong)
1 waxed duck thigh
2 chinese mushrooms
garlic + a bit of oil – Stir fry garlic till fragrant

I boiled the waxed duck for a while to get rid of the oily film and also to soften it and reduce the saltiness. Then, I slice off the meat into tiny pieces. Slice the sausages and mushroom as well.

For fast cooking, what I did was to dump everything into the rice cooker. No salt required because the duck and sausage will impart the taste.

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5 thoughts on “Recipe : Waxed duck and Chinese sausage rice

    Rasa Malaysia

    (January 7, 2008 - 9:17 am)

    It’s about time to stock these up for CNY.

    BTW, Happy eating 2008!

    Penang Boy

    (January 22, 2008 - 12:16 pm)

    He speaks good English.

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    (February 5, 2008 - 4:54 pm)

    wow!!! this looks so yummy!! i think i’ve never had lap mei fun before la!!! i must go kacau my mom to make it this year!! 🙂

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