Red fruits

Last Sunday, I decided to buy every red fruit I can find at the supermarket. It was just a whimsical, spur-of-the-moment action. Fruits are not very expensive here in Malaysia and they are sold in small quantities in the supermarket. We have fruits from all over the world like Australia, USA, China, South Africa, Thailand and a few other countries.


Here are part of the red fruits I found such as red apple from Washington, USA, lychee from Thailand, strawberries from California, USA and dragon fruit which I believe is planted locally.


This strawberry looks so succulent in macro mode but it is sooooo sour in reality. The whole batch of fresh strawberries I bought had ended up as puree, frozen and waiting for its fate. I wanted to bake muffin with them but my kids said they wanted plain muffin.

So, lesson learnt. What looks good on camera does not necessarily taste good and will go to waste.

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