Restoran Mui Heong, Imbi

This is the first time I am posting minus photos. I was too hungry and too tired so didn’t manage to snap some uniquely different foods photos. Now regret only.

Restoran Mui Heong is somwhere near Jalan Imbi, where Restoran Soo Kee is. I am sure most KL-ites know Soo Kee so it won’t be hard to locate this brightly lighted restoran.

Mui Heong as the name suggested is the name of the salted fish? Hahaha, don’t take my words for it because I don’t understand Mandarin. There was a lot of patrons on that night but almost every table had finished eating. It was almost 9 pm when we finally found a place to eat after finished shopping at Bukit Bintang. (roll eyes, my kids insisted to go there).

The boss and his wife are extremely friendly and accommodating. I like it when restaurant owners automatically know we are out of towners with difficulties conversing in Cantonese and helped us out with English and Hokkien. The si-thau-poh gave us some very good suggestions suitable for the kids.

They serve the food in real, ceramic plates with nice designs and not those orange, green and pink plastic plates. Another plus point for me.

We had the following:

  1. Steamed pork with salted fish – There is some rather unique flavour inside, which I think is Chinese ham flavour.
  2. Foo yong egg
  3. Bitter gourd and prawns which are stir fried in salted eggs. This is very unique because the salted egg yolks are sort of mashed and hidden yet giving the bitter gourd a special taste.
  4. Steam fish with choy poh (pickled vegetables)

I saw other patrons eating dishes which I had not tasted or seen before. The boss wife told me she has many special dishes found only in her restaurant.
So do drop by the place for some home-cooked meals. Prices aren’t exactly very expensive. I think the whole meal cost RM85. With fresh fish and prawns, this is rather reasonable.

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    (May 19, 2006 - 9:38 am)

    Wah…quite cheap also…

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