Review : Restoran Look Yuen, Bukit Tengah

Once again, we failed in our mission to go to St. Anne’s to take pictures due to the traffic and time constraints. But our trip to the mainland is rewarded with a good meal at Restoran Look Yuen. So all is not lost eventhough we had travelled quite a distance and paying for bridge toll.

This is the Bukit Tengah flyover. Don’t ask me how to get there though ‘cos I am not too sure. But it is not very far from the Penang Bridge, just like 10 minutes away.

I went to Look Yuen last year with my choir members and we had a very good lunch there for only RM150 per table of 10 person. Their dishes are more Hokkien and Nyonya style. If you are there, do try out their sambal prawns and petai sambal.

They have kembong fish assam pedas with pineapple. Yummy! This is enough to make me very happy already.

There were only my hubby and I with a toddler so we ordered this ‘cheow pai tau hoo’ or their ‘chef recommended’ tofu fritter. It is very delicious with a hint of minced prawns.

Look Yuen is famous for its pork trotter stewed in soya sauce. We ordered one and tapau about 70% home because we can’t resist ordering and yet cannot (or rather dare not) finish the whole thing. It is good with no overpowering smell of spices. Tender, not very fatty and the gravy perfect for mixing with rice.

Look Yuen occupies two corner double-storey shoplots so you can imagine how popular they are at peak hours. We reached there at about 5.30 pm and hence, do not have to wait for long. Service is fast and good. They have many workers (in the purple shirts) to attend to customers.

The dishes are cheap too. The pork trotter is only RM10. The total bill comes up to about RM28 inclusive of drinks and rice. Unlike some mid-price restaurants, there are no peanuts and smelly perfume towels to deal with too. Don’t you just hate those frills that cost you money and yet are more of a nuisance than help? If you tell them you do not want it, they may give you one kind of look like you cannot afford to tip them. If you take the peanuts, it will spoil the appetite and the towels stink too. (those nuts and towels money go to the service staffs, btw)

Another look at my favourite gulai assam pedas ikan kembung.

Look Yuen is located at Taman Kerjasama, Bukit Tengah. If you are coming from BM side, watch out for Shell station and turn into Taman Kerjasama. Right across the other side of the highway, there is a factory with two stallions statue which you can’t miss. If you are coming from Penang, it means after you see the stallions, you need to watch out for some place to do a U-turn. Look Yuen is close on Tuesday. Telephone number:
04-5074785. Look Yuen is also featured in the food supplement of Flavours Magazine this month. But heheheh, my photo of the pork trotter is prettier!

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5 thoughts on “Review : Restoran Look Yuen, Bukit Tengah

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    (July 30, 2006 - 12:05 pm)

    Arrr….your kembong fish pic made me gian the Beng Huat Asam fish soup liao…


    (July 30, 2006 - 7:00 pm)

    Wah lao ler, sibek ho liao ler, my chui nua kenot stop liao, really.

    When go back penang must go liao, cin cia beh dong .. Shreeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp*************


    (July 31, 2006 - 5:03 pm)

    wow, you came to this restaurant too ar? last sunday (yesterday) my parents wanted to come here too but suddenly change plans to perai instead lol. this place is indeed famous and will be full of people during peak hours 🙂

    Jackson Kah

    (August 1, 2006 - 3:00 pm)

    wow….picture from heaven!! You are a good photographer! So hungry now..

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