Roti tisu and teh tarik

We were at the mamak stall yesterday. Not really a mamak stall but one of those nasi kandar chains found throughout Malaysia. Where a plate of rice with 3 dishes cost more than RM6 minimum and can go as high as RM10. And what is worse is – the price depends on the mood of the person writing down the bill and also what kind of sucker he thinks you are. So, I will not help to give them free publicity.

However, the kids wanted roti tisu from that particular shop only. So, there I was, queueing up for a plate of nasi kandar costing RM7.10. And it took several minutes because there are at least 15 persons in front of me.

What attracted my kids to this particular nasi kandar stall is their roti tisu which is about two to two and half feet high. It is made into a cone shape with sugar and condensed milk dribbling down the mountain of crispy dough.

A good mamak stall must serve good teh tarik. The teh tarik at this place is nothing to die for. It doesn’t have the frothy top to crown it.

I am planning to go to the Soup Kambing/Lembu stalls along Upper Penang Road one of these days. Watch out for a review on their sup. There is something there which my ex-colleague, Roslan had wanted to introduce to me. Sup Torpedo Lembu. I haven’t got the guts to eat the torpedo until today.

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  1. Jason Says:

    Penang Road – that reminds me of the chendol stall there.Yummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!

    Oh my,the skill of the roti tisu maker must be damn hebat,way hebat to make roti tisu as high as tat!I never seen it b4!Katak di bawah toilet bowl.

  2. twinsmom Says:

    near my place got a mamak serve creamy nice teh tarik, I drink a lot during my pregnancy, so yummy, so cooling (I drink ice wan), so refreshing, so….so wish to have a cup now.
    Lilian, you know how to make the teh tarik creamy or not?

  3. lilian Says:

    Twinsmom – I know (how to make teh tarik creamy), go to mamak stall and order.
    Jason – Yalah, the cendol stall is still there. I love it too but hate standing by the road side, hot sun and then hor, afterwards hands sticky and if drop on the feet, feet also sticky. So, usually we ta pau.

  4. mumsgather Says:

    “Twinsmom – I know (how to make teh tarik creamy), go to mamak stall and order.”

    Hahaha. Like dat I oso know lah!

  5. twinsmom Says:

    Lilian, you don’tknow say you don’t know lar, MG hor?

  6. lilian Says:

    Wei, Hainanese only good in making kopi O mah. Next time if I marry mamak, I ask him to teach, ok? But frankly, I dunno what kind of tea leaves they use la, really got the oomph wan. The tea bags we used bo shiok wan. Put two bags in a mug also kenot get kick. Nowadays, I put Kahlua into my coffee. Ai si liao.

  7. lilian Says:

    Forgot to say – if you see my #3 keep wearing the same shirt in every photo, it is not because I no money to buy him shirts. It is because he will only wear that one single Ah Kua (his big bros referrence) type of material, like swimming costume type which is The Incredibles licensed (not pasar malam hor?) t-shirt. It takes 30 mins (in the washing machine to wash) and 90 mins (in the dryer to dry) and the rest of the time, it is on his body.

  8. mrkiasu Says:

    I think i know this place, is this KAYU mamak?

  9. toru Says:

    creamy teh – try adding a mixture of condensed milk and evaporated milk. but sorry dont know how to tarik

  10. yingci Says:

    Geez I would say the mamak-s are very very creative bunch of people – look at their menu. From roti canai to roti tisu, roti hong kong, roti “I love u” etc etc. *impressed*

  11. cj Says:

    yeah it’s kayu. kind of miss the food there. most of the time i take the tandoori chicken and the cheese naan. quite nice. and the nasi kandar really costs a bomb.

  12. lilian Says:

    CJ & Mr Kiasu – Yayaya, Kayu. Only they can make the roti tisu that high. I love their thosai, only 70sen. I can eat 3 but I pity them having to wash 3 plates with only 70 sen a piece. Crazy of me, right?

    Yingci – Ya, they are getting so innovative with the names. But roti canai is the original and edible one.

    Toru – Tarik-ing is the skill only these people can pull off. If we do, it will end up on our feet.

  13. Theresa Says:

    Yummy…….. U make me miss Penang food! ;( In fact, I found your website while I’m looking for ‘ma tau shou”s recipe. Still work hard to get it … damn miss it! Able to help me … really appreciate it … ;p

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