Some Japanese food

James of Loopymeals blogged about sashimi and it got me drooling. It so happens that I took several shots of other foods at a Japanese sushi restaurant (you can tell the name by the symbol on the plates) a few days ago.

This is the ebiko or fish roes sushi. Very much like caviar, with tiny salty balls popping in the mouth. The orangey roe looks nice and taste good too.

I have forgotten the Japanese name for this tiny cuttlefish. Some people cannot bear the smell of it. Others find the sweet and sticky taste not to their liking. As for me, I love them. However, there are good ones and there are cheaper versions. I remember attending a Chinese wedding dinner which served this as the appetizer. Almost everyone didn’t like it and I ended up eating them myself.

It was dinner time and a plate of salmon sashimi will not fill my stomach. Therefore, I ordered salmon rolls which comes with rice, seaweed wrap and some cucumber plus wasabi of course.


Something my hubby ordered. Tempura prawns. Not everyone likes raw food. And hubby has to order something that comes with rice. Typical chinaman.

BTW, tempura flour is available in the supermarket and I had tried making my own tempura before. There are two types, one made in Thailand and another one from Japan.

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