Some myths about lotus roots


The above is a bowl of lotus root, peanut, red dates and pork ribs soup. Many Chinese homes know how to prepare this soup. Basically, it involves boiling the peanut and lotus root with pork ribs for some time, usually an hour plus. Garlic and red dates are added as flavours. It is a yummy soup, full of protein and flavour.

However, do you know that those who worship Quan Yin are forbidden to take lotus root? Well, previously when I was a Taoist, (I am now a Catholic convert), the lady medium often reminded me when she was in trance as Kuan Yin never to cook lotus roots in my kitchen. Kuan Yin aka lady in trance also told me not to eat beef and cat fish.

The reasonings are Kuan Yin is known as the deity who sits and meditate on a lotus flower. Therefore, it is rather outlandish to cook the root of the lotus, isn’t it? As for cow aka beef, it was the animal that provide Kuan Yin a ride through her journey. The cat fish, well, I do not know how it got into the picture but cat fish doesn’t die that easily even after you have killed it. Oh yeah, no coagulated pig’s blood too.

Well, all the above are what my previous Taoist’s belief reminded me. Up to you what you want to eat, ok?

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    (August 13, 2007 - 11:30 am)

    hmmm never heard of this lotus root thingy but one aunt in spore was forbidden to eat durian!!! crazy huh? me… hampalang sapu :p

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