Some yummy kueh (cakes)

I just discovered that the area around the Genting coffee-shop in Jalan Delima, Penang has some very fun snacks stalls during afternoon. I had not wander to the place for a long time and therefore are not aware that this place is a goldmine for sweet-tooth like me.


They have stalls selling local cakes like the kuehs above. What you see are radish cake with grounded peanuts (chai thow kueh), steam glutinous rice cake (bee koh) and the red coloured one is called nine-layer cake (9-ean kueh).

Please don’t ask me for recipes. I never attempt making them at home. Too much work and one needs the right touch to get the right taste.


Here is the glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk and coloured with some blue flowers called ‘bunga telang’. I think the flower is part of the morning glory family. This is usually eaten with seri-kaya or coconut/egg/sugar spread. The kueh’s name is pulut tatai.


A close-up of the earlier kuehs. I have more shots of kueh talam, rempah udang, pulut panggang and also chempedak fritters. However, I shall leave that for another day. Even I myself get hungry looking at the photos.

More about kuehs here.

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