T-cafe, Cameron Highlands

I brought along my Canon A10 camera which is very old and very basic. However, I am happy that I managed to get many memorable shots.
We went to this cafe in Tanah Rata.

Tanah Rata is a small town in Cameron Highlands. Developments are on-going with lots of construction. Here is a photo which paint a complete picture. On the left side, you can see the typical Cameron Highlands scenes. Tanah Rata has majority Indian traders and hence, a colourful town (as in colourful paints adorning the shops). On the right hand side, a huge multi-storey car is being constructed. In the background, the misty hills and pine trees.


T-cafe is above MarryBrown, the fastfood restaurant. What drew me there is the personalised postcards and photos sent by their customers hanging on the wall. It must be a testimony of their warm and friendly service.


My toddler fell asleep at that time and I was so pleased to find a cosy cafe waiting for us there. It is almost like home! We plonked him down on the lazy chair and he took his nap for a while. Enough time for me to enjoy the surroundings and food.


The cafe hires many Malay waitresses. Foods served are halal. I will blog about the food in another posting.


T-cafe, a cosy, homely cafe. Lots of National Geographic magazines, old books, board games, playing cards and things to occupy you while sipping tea and having their delicious scones, pancakes and cakes. They have corners with table for 10+ persons and also small nooks for table for two. A great place to get away from the loud and noisy tourists.

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