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A few days ago, a friend quoted a phrase from the movie Jerry McQuire and I couldn’t recall which movie it was until I Google for it. He rubbed it in that for a person like me who seems to blog endless, I certainly have not watch TV and movies. Well….it is partially true.

I do watch movies but I don’t watch TV. Now, this quiz result just confirmed that I a lost soul where reality TV is concerned. Can you tell that I hate watching TV and especially reality TV where everything is so fake and hyped up? In fact, recently I was in Sabah and the guide asked me if I am interested to go to Pulau Tiga where one of the Survivor series took place. They have a mud bath on that island and I told him I am not interested. Then, later on, I got home and Google for it and found that the show and especially the mud bath were so famous. I can kick myself for missing it!

15%How Addicted Are You to Reality TV?

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Above is the dismal result I got for taking the quiz. I am only 15% addicted to TV. In this case, I am 85% addicted to blogs and blogging. If you are a fan of reality TV, please go over and take the quiz and share with me your results or better still, post it on your blog.

Well….I didn’t do too bad with this quiz though….

60%Are You A Web Lingo Expert?

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Hurray! Do you dare to take the challenge? Check out the links by clicking on the button. Have fun and don’t forget to share!
You know what? I cheated through ALL the questions because I do not know any of them! *hangs head in shame*

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