Tapau vs eat-in hawker foods

In Penang, we have every kind of exotic stuffs never seen before in other states. There are tiny stalls and pushcarts at every corner. In fact, you can find a hawker within 1KM radius, at the most.

So, we hardly need to order McDonald’s or Pizza Hut takeaway because of this.

However, what are some of the foods that can be tapau and what the ones best eaten fresh?

Lorong seratus tahun  curry mee

This is the Lorong Seratus Tahun curry mee. On weekend mornings, my hubby will tapau or takeway for us. It is really nice to eat this at home because you can afford to pile on the fried chillies paste and sweat a bucket without strangers looking at you. What I normally do is to put the soup and the noodle into the pot for a quick heating.

char koay teow with prawns

You definitely do not want to tapau your char koay teow because CKT only tastes good when it is just fresh out from the hot wok. Otherwise, the cockles turned rubbery and the noodles too soggy. So, if you want char koay teow, it is best eaten fresh.

yee sang kai chook - fish porridge

Porridge or yee sang kai chok. This is another one which is best eaten fresh because some great stalls really give you half-cooked eel and they are very delicious and sweet when done in that almost rare state.

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    (September 18, 2007 - 9:18 pm)

    100 tahun curry mee is my favourite… yummy yummy

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