Tea time at T-Cafe

Drinking tea is not my cup of tea. Coffee works best. Therefore, I ordered coffee in Cameron Highlands, where tea is grown in abundance. I am a sucker for ‘personalised’ cutleries. Cup and saucer that doesn’t match. Unique design for each customers and stuff like that. It gives the homely feelings.


All these lovely tea time snacks are from T-Cafe in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. There are so many of us and therefore, we had the chance to order many items from their menu. The boss complimented us that we had chosen smartly. All the things we ate are their cafe’s specialities.


A slice of lemon cheesecake with grated lemon rind on top. Beautiful! The cake tastes nice, unlike the mass and commercially produced ones found in cake shops around bigger cities. RM3.50 per slice.


My son gobbled up this banana pancake served with icecream. I like the way they sprinkle icing sugar on the pancake. Makes it look dainty. Price is only RM3-4.


I never taste scones and therefore, do not know what good scones should taste like. However, I found this scone good because of the buttery flavour and texture which is not too dry. It is served with some cream, butter and strawberry jam. Only RM2 per scone.

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