Terung pipit dan nangka muda

Terung pipit

I have not seen this tiny brinjal for a long time and was surprised to see them being sold in Tesco supermarket. It is called Terung Pipit or directly translated into English as sparrow brinjal. The size is slightly larger than green peas.

When I was small, my mother used to ask me to pluck them for making Perut Ikan. They grow wild in the kampong. I remember the plant has huge thorns and large leaves.

This is used in Thai Green Curry in some Thai restaurants. If you order green curry and they come with this tiny green brinjals, then, you know that the cooking is more authentic Thai than others.

Nangka Muda
This is the unripe jackfruit. The Malays use this to cook curries. I had cooked this several times and like the texture of the nangka muda. The seeds are soft and taste like potatoes whilst the other parts nicely absorb the curry sauce.

However – I have a little problem. My curry is way too hot because I used too much bird’s eyes chillies. Anyone got any petua from the grandma on how to reduce this tongue burning and numbing level of hot?

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