The Chinese apong (type II)

This is a follow-up of the other apom I introduced the other day.

This is the Chinese apong. Because it is fairer?

Not many stalls sell this type of apom as it is tedious to do. Cost 30 sen per piece. There are two stalls along Burmah Road at the traffic light before Him Heang/Adventist Church. The older apek is friendlier than another. Taste – almost the same. You need about 5 pieces to satisfy your taste.

It is basically some flour mixture with eggs. Sprinkle with banana and sweet corns.

Not writing much ‘cos I had just eaten 10 pieces (and feel like puking) because I had to skip lunch hunting for housekeys and only get to eat at 5.00pm. But that’s another blog (at my personal blog).

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