The durians are dropping!


Once again, it is that time of the year. The durians are in season and so are the rambutans, mangosteen, langsats and other seasonal fruits. Penang claims to produce the best durian in the country and I thoroughly agree. So, make plans to visit the island real soon. Take a trip around the island, especially to the Balik Pulau area and you will be rewarded with a feast of the kings of fruit and also feast for your eyes. Balik Pulau still has its quaint village feel with many of its specialities. More about Balik Pulau when I got there for some photos later.

Durian is the most heavenly fruit. This is how the flesh looks like, creamy, sweet, sometimes slightly bitter and the smell…

I probably had blogged about durian rice before but just couldn’t resist inserting this photo again. We can eat durian with rice too. Preferably steamed glutinious rice with coconut milk and brown sugar. Drool, drool.

There is a Malay saying, “When the durian is dropping, the sarung is going up (terselak).” Because durian is supposed to have aphrodisiac properties. (pssstt…that is to make a man horny and hence picking up his sarung for some action) LOL!

Look forward to more local fruits review coming soon.

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