The lure of lok-lok is too strong to resist

Recently, I have been meeting a lot of cancer patients and sadly, one gets cancer even with good eating habits. However, I am always reminded of what foods to avoid and though I know cockles and shellfish are some of the most ‘toxic’ stuffs, I sometimes give in to temptations.

lok lok penang

In as much as I want to stick with healthy eating, there are occasion when I tell myself that ‘eat or not eat, also die’ so I eat.

So, I still have that occasional lok-lok. These are tiny sticks of different kind of foods strung on bamboo sticks, dipped into a boiling pot of water and then, dunk into various sauces.

lok lok

Though I try to stick to the more ‘natural’ foods like the above fish cake wrapped around coriander leaves (yummmm), I must have a stick or two of bloodied cockles and liver.

lok lok satay sauce

Some good lok-lok stalls or pushcarts have so many types of sauces like tomyam, satay, super hot green chillies, sweet sauce and garlic and lime chillies sauce.

I just hope that one day, I don’t regret having those sticks of possibly cancer causing foods like the cockles and livers.

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3 thoughts on “The lure of lok-lok is too strong to resist

    Sweet Jasmine

    (July 30, 2008 - 12:55 am)

    My first taste of lok lok was in Penang and I do not regret it…once in a while indulgence could not possibly do any harm. We do have to die one day, lok lok or no lok lok….


    (July 31, 2008 - 3:18 pm)

    Hi Lilian, fancy cooking some noodles for this year’s Merdeka Virtual Open House? This year’s theme is Mee and My Malaysia. Easy peasy huh? hehehe


    (March 8, 2009 - 5:53 am)


    The only disease that you can catch is food poisoning, and even that one may self inflict with one’s own cooking.

    If anything, eating seafood carries a risk of being infected with a self limiting viral infection known as hepatitis A and not hepatitis C. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! You can only contract hep C through the direct transmission of bodily fluids- Not via boiling hot water. Even a mother with hepatitis C has an extremely small risk of passing it to her unborn child.
    for further info on Cancer and communicable diseases

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