The many colours of a building

The British colonised Penang after the World World II. They brought with them all the architectures that have stayed as a legacy. If you have been to Singapore and Hongkong, you may noticed that Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong have identical police stations, clock towers, railway stations and many other things like the huge trees and road system.

The famous Peninsula Hotel in Hongkong and the area around there reminds me of the Esplanade, jetty and the bank areas in Penang.

These photos are the shots of the Penang Municipal Council or the Townhall at various angles and during dusk.


The sign that says Dewan Bandaraya.


The side view of the building with the Malaysia flags.


The building in the distance. You can see some pretty girls in the foreground too, if you look hard enough. ;O)


Don’t ask me why the sky is red. I did not colour enhance it anyway. It just appears red. Can you see the tiny shadow of a bird on the left side?

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