Of pork, soy products and nutrasilver

I have been on vegetarian meals for over two weeks now and experienced some weird body changes.

One of them is the longer period. Chinese will say eating vegetables only is ‘cooling’ to the body and hence, bleeding takes longer to heal. That’s why new mothers are not allowed to take vegetables during their post-partum period.

The other thing is how sleepy I am after a meal. As I don’t take fish, pork or chicken, my meals tend to be heavy on vegetables and soy products plus rice or noodles. So, after breakfast and lunch, I will feel so sleepy. I cannot open my eyes, I don’t feel like doing anything but just shut eyes. This morning, I almost overslept when I dozed off around 11 am. I was supposed to pick my son at 11.45 am and I woke up at 11.40 am with a jolt.

However, the moment I stopped eating meat and especially pork, my skin texture improves so much. It is much clearer and there is no problem with wound healing.

So, I am not sure which is the lesser of the two evils. The soy products that give me bigger busts but longer period or the pork that makes me more alert but with bad skin.

Talking about bad skin, I just learn about a skin condition call Morgellons. I have seen some folks with really bad sores and lesions but I didn’t know it is so hard to treat until now. They have some photos of the ugly skin (you have been forewarn) on the site selling NutraSilver. I don’t know how effective the claim is but there are lots of testimonials on the site.

If you do not know what is NutraSilver, it is a form natural mineral which can helps to purify water. It is unique how a small quantity is enough to purity water safe for drinking. Beside that, the are suggestions on other usage of this product on the website which you may want to find out.

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