This blog is more than two years old

An anniversary came and went and I did not even notice it. This blog initially was started at a free blogspot blog at Penang Faces. Then, I moved to this domain and it then progress to another domain at Best Recipe.

After that, I left the blog to rot but realised that it will be such a pity to do that. Moreover, I don’t post pork recipes on the Malaysia Best. So, I decided to revive this blog and now, I am using it to do some paid posts but mostly, I use it for recipes that contain pork. This way, my Muslim readers can safely surf Malaysia Best and not worry about looking at non-halal stuffs.

So, cheers to two years of blogging. My first post was on August 1st, 2005.

Post Author: lilian

Used to be PenangFaces, now known as Food Haven, for all oink-oink foods

1 thought on “This blog is more than two years old


    (August 24, 2007 - 8:44 am)

    Congratulation!!! Happy 2nd anniversary, I hope you will keep this blog alive for as long as you could because there are only few Penang food blogger in Malaysia and it do not match the image of Penang being one of the food heaven in Malaysia. So :Keep it up !!!!


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