Thousands lights and sand art for world peace

A huge sand art is on display at the Penang Che Hoon Khor Moral Uplifting Society in Jalan Macalister. Quoted by The Star Online:

Hong Kong celebrity Eric Tsang and a Tibetan monk gave a helping hand to create the world’s largest sand art in Penang.

Titled The World Peace Sand Art of Eight Auspicious Signs, the work of art would use eight tonnes of sand in six colours.

The sand art,measuring 16m by 24m and almost the size of five badminton courts,depicts the auspicious signs as the parasol,fish,vase,conch,victory banner,glorious knot,lotus and wheel.

the Guinness Book of Records would verify the record at 5.45pm today.

“At 6pm, the launching of the Lamp Lighting Blessing ceremony will take place,” she said, adding that the sand art would be dismantled after 11pm and the holy sand distributed to the crowd.

I dropped by just now and am glad to take a look at this event. Throngs of Buddhists are in the hall chanting and praying with some Tibetan monks for world peace while others are outside lighting the lamps.


Thousands of these lamps are lighted. There are rows and rows of them, each representing some wishes like family harmony, world peace, unity, deceased ancestors and etc. It is indeed a sight to behold, with thousands of flickering light.


The sand-art is actually tonnes of different coloured sands used to decorate some Buddhist symbols. (Please read the article from Star for more information).

If you look closely, you can see the word ‘World Peace’ on the top of the sand-art.

Computer generated lights cast different colours on the sand-art.

Malaysia is a multi-religion country with several main religious groups like Muslim, Christian, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhsm and others. We have religious freedom and have religious celebrations all year round. Some of these celebrations are major tourist attractions too.

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