Travel insurance for elderly folks

A few years back, one of my sister-in-law was warded in a hospital in China because she got a bad viral infection. In fact, the whole trip saw her in the hospital with her two sisters taking care of her.

Next month, they are going to UK again. All three of them are pretty elderly, i.e. above 50 years old and one of them 68 years old. They love to travel together and had been to many places. However, they do worry if they are able to withstand the cold, winter months in UK as all of them have never been to such harsh weather condition before.

I told them to cover their travels with travel insurance in case they need any medical assistance. Of course, they are not happy to hear my suggestion because they don’t want the prospect of falling sick. Well, like it or not, they better take my advice of getting over 65 travel insurance because it makes sense to be safe than sorry.

Anyway, after much discussion, I heard the eldest may not want to tag along because she is afraid her health may not be so good. Secretly, if you give me a free trip to go along with them, I also wouldn’t want to go. Hahaha, I cannot stand in-laws. That’s why.

So folks, if you are going for holidays or traveling abroad, remember to get yourself well covered and protected. This is especially important for your parents, grandparents and other elderly folks. Their health may not be able to withstand the climate of the countries they visit so be safe than sorry.

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