Tropical Spice Garden

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I learnt about the Tropical Spice Garden in Teluk Bahang Penang from one of the Penang blogger. I am surprised that such a nice place has remained hidden for so long. This is part two of my previous blog.

I love the place because it provides my kids a place to run, learn some history and it also provides them some amusement like this hammock.
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The children are fascinated with the many types of spices and herbs available. If we look closely, the various spices come in many different shapes and smells and are pretty interesting, isn’t it. Then, the kids also get to learn about the spice route or whatever they learn in History lesson in school. Like how our little country receives the attention of the foreigners because we have many types of spices here. Shown below are some of the old, granite batu giling and etc. These are gadgets used in the olden times to grind the spices.
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The garden is really huge and has several section like ornamental gardens, spices garden, bamboo etc. We did not manage to walk through all the places due to the hot weather. The place provides us a tractor (or is it truck) ride to their cafe on the tree tops.
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There are so many varieties of plants available in the garden. My kids get to see pineapple trees, mushroom, cocoa trees, nutmeg, sugar cane and etc etc. Here is one very spindly looking tree – the famous Tongkat Ali.
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Entrance Fee : RM28 for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids
Location : Between Penang Mutiara and Bayview Beach hotels.

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5 thoughts on “Tropical Spice Garden


    (March 22, 2005 - 10:01 am)

    got back from penang yesterday. why didn’t you put up the ‘belanja’ offer earlier? visited swatow lane; tried the bak-chang (have tasted better ones), the ooi-chiang is crispy and divine. needless to say ’bout the chendol. the niah-kueh is a bit like the kee-chang. the foochow fishball is something i haven’t had since childhood in sibu, and they don’t make it there anymore (to my knowledge). thanks for the recom. for homecook food at transfer st. trying to compare with my homecook food. had the fish head, belacan chick, steamed minced pork w/ salted fish, sambal kangkong,assam prawn. delish w/ down to earth prices! a bit disappointed w/ mama’s nonya restaurant. the kueh-chap and duck porridge opp. pulau tikus polis station: horrible. the kway-teow t’ung at the market is tasteless. the duck mee-sua at new town lane? next to sunway hotel was so-so. the po-piah was too soggy. the loh-mee looks delish w/ chick feet. overall, the hokkien mee and laksa is generic. gamma’s fried mee-sua and loh-bak is pretty good. can’t believe you can still get drinks for 50 sen these days! learnt how to make snow ice cream from 600cc, gurney plaza; gotta get an ice shaver next. if penang’s taxi is not so cut-throat, i would have tried more places.


    (March 22, 2005 - 4:50 pm)

    I saw your earlier comment much later and I think by then you were already in Penang. Glad that you managed to eat soooo many things in one short trip. Oh yeah, glad the lousy ones are not the ones I recommended. Or else, you throw rotten eggs on me!


    (April 28, 2005 - 5:39 pm)

    Well,I went to the garden before.You also can join as a Spice Friend or Family.Go to the garden or website for more details.

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