Venison and flat handmade noodle

venison pan mee

Two nights ago, I had this bowl of venison and flat handmade noodle. It is like pan mee but the soup is boiled with some Chinese herbs and venison. Venison is deer meat and Chinese said it is awfully ‘heaty’. However, it is very tasty and is a cross between the gamey taste of beef and the tenderness of pork.

The bowl of hot, steaming noodle is perfect for cold rainy days. The noodle is garnished with black fungus and sabah vegetable.

venison pan mee

Give it a try. You can find this stall in Yi Garden. You can find the link on Yi Garden on my Penang foods blog. I updated the Penang food blog more often than this so you may want to subscribe to that blog feed.

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