Wesak Day

Wesak Day is celebrated on the 15th day of the 4th lunar month each year. In 2005, it falls on 22nd May, 2005.

I found an informative site at the Malaysian Buddhist Association homepage and this is quoted :

This year’s Wesak Day falls on 22 May 2005. This day commemorates the 2549th of the Thrice Blessed Day of Gautama Buddha namely, “His Birth”, “His Supreme Enlightenment” and “His Attainment of Mahaparinivana”. It is in the heart of all Buddhists that this Holiest of all Holy Days should be observed with due respect and veneration.

Do surf over to the MBA’s website because they have many programmes lined up for Wesak Day.

There are many Buddhist temples in Penang and Wesak Day is celebrated on a grand scale.

I have a large album of the temples I visited and would like to share two photos here. One is the Sleeping Buddha in Pulau Tikus. This is a Siamese temple.

And across the road, is a Burmese temple.


While googling, I also found some beautiful shots of Wesak Day from TV Smith’s blog.

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists! And to all Malaysians, have a nice, long weekend! (Monday is a holiday in most states in Malaysia)

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