Wheat noodle


Recently, I found a nice dried noodles from the supermarket. It costs only RM1.69 which is about the quantity of a packet of spaghetti. Can serves more than three persons. The best thing is this noodle only takes a few minutes to cook and it is firm and springy.

The above is a wrapper. Long Life Vermicelli Golden Dragon. What a mouthful! There are several brands made in Hongkong and China but I am drawn to this brand which is made in Malaysia. Previously, I had tried some imported brands and found the wheat noodles rather mushy.

It makes a very nice quick meal. Just boil it for a little while and serves it anyway you like.

I had mine with canned bamboo shoots. You can find them in the non-halal section. It is a mixture of bamboo shoots and meat sauce. I know these are not very healthy food but when you are cooking for one, this is the fastest. Open a can and toss it in the hot noodle. Yum, yum. I think bolognese sauce will also complement this wheat noodle.


Not a very appetising picture. I just want to show how the noodles look like. Flatter than spaghetti but of the same length.

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