Who, what, why, when, how of this site

A little bit about this site. Caution : Lots of self-boasting info ahead. But they are real.

Who is behind this site?
My name is Lilian, a great cook who loves her little island very, very much. A mom of 4 boys who spend time building online communities for parents and breastfeeding mothers, bereaved parents and parents with critically ill children.

As those are heavy topics, I unwind and relax doing frivoulous things like taking photographs of food I ate, cook and just about anything I can get my hands on.

What is Penang Faces?
It is a web-log or an online diary. I update it daily and sometimes, several times a day. Hahaha, I am that free. Almost everything here are told from the first person, i.e. me to you. It is an easy to understand website. Just see photos and drools.

I don’t earn a single sen from this website. I do NOT get free meals. I do NOT provide free advertisment to any establishment unless I feel they are deserving of mention. If their service, food or ambience impressed me, then, I will probably feature them. Most of the times, I took an interest on the lower income hawkers. If you don’t see big restaurants mentioned on this site, it doesn’t mean I NEVER eat there. Hahaha.

I have a very strong principle of doing things without expecting any revenue. Same thing with all my online communities works. This principle has served me well because I can do everything according to my own terms. No one can dictate what I want to say or write.

I write when I like, I go on hiatus when I don’t like.

How do I get the idea of doing this food and sight blog? Well, I have travelled to many places like Italy, France, Australia, Hongkong, parts of South-East Asia, some parts of China and almost every state in Malaysia except Sabah. Sometimes, I stayed there for a few weeks and missing Malaysian food is enough to make me cry. Yeap, I remember feeling so miserable in Paris when I can’t find any decent rice to eat. Or craving real spicy food when I was in Hongkong. Therefore, I have learnt to appreciate all the mundane but nevertheless unique foods of Penang.

More about me –
I had written some articles which appeared in The Star, Today’s Parents and Malaysian Women Weekly. Been featured in NST, Malay Mail, Singapore New Paper, several parenting magazines, women magazines and yes, also appeared on The Mix Breakfast show with Shazmin and Richard. I no longer bother to write for any publications because I hate being edited and also hate waiting for cheques. I get to write with my bad English on my own blog as many times a day as I wish. Remember? I never do anything for money (oklah, except Google Adsense). Oh yes, I had also written a book, given away free of course, for parents with critically ill children.

Hey, this is beginning to sound like a CV! Oh yes, I can give public talk on any issues, to any type of crowds. From housewives to doctors. Well, at least I had talked a few times and still did not get any rotten eggs or tomatoes thrown my way. Hahaha.

I go around forums and unashamedly promote this web-log, Penang Faces because….I am very confident everybody loves it. I have no ‘udang di sebalik batu’ (no hidden agenda).

Nope, I am not interested in any sponsors. Because I know my web-log outshines those websites sponsored by huge corporations and State Government. The difference is – I write and project the topics with a personal touch. It is not often one find someone like me who :
1) know some basic computer knowledge and can built my own website
2) able to write with wit
3) take great photos
4) can cook yummy foods
5) can spin tales like ‘when I was small, my grandma used to…’
6) can afford plenty of time to nurture the website
7) do not care about money.

Thank you for reading and sorry for torturing you with the foods.

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