Why some restaurants cannot survive in Penang


This may come in useful to anyone who thinks of opening a restaurant in Penang. Just my thoughts.

BTW, the object in my previous post is actually the serviette holder. The metal thing holding the tissue papers? You can see it in the photo above. Nice ya when it is captured up close?

Anyway, yesterday we had lunch at ED in Pulau Tikus, Penang. We had often by-passed this place for a nice roasted duck rice next door and sometimes, go for the Hongkong restaurant or the Japanese noodle place two doors away. I saw a huge sign hanging outside about discounts for the month of July for German pork knuckle. After reading James review of ED in Kuala Lumpur, I decided to give the Penang branch a chance.

The good points
1) Very cosy place with nice warm, homely decor
2) Huge range of food for the meat lovers
3) Well-trained staffs
4) Price reasonable
5) Huge portion
6) Some unique menus not found at other western restaurants (except Mr. Ho’s)
7) Set lunch for only RM18.90

The reason why we are the only family for lunch! (later one Japanese group came)

1) Located at a badly congested place (no parking)
2) Located too far away (for those people without transport)
3) Western food is not a choice for Chinese families because they are rice urns!
4) RM18.90 for soup, rolls, main meal, one drink (either ice tea or coffee) and dessert is TOO expensive for most families
5) The competition is too keen. Everyone is into Hongkong and Japanese (and upcoming Korean) foods because they watched it on TV! It is the latest craze or trend.
6) The roasted duck and char siew rice next door is truly nice and they served great soup. For the price of one plate of pork-knuckle, one can feed a whole family of 6!
7) Penangites are well-known for being thrifty and going to a western restaurant only happens on special occassions.

This is not a review about Ed’s Deli so I shall not comment on their food.

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