Apple pie

Being a mom to so many kids of all ages is tough. They get hungry all the time. So, I have to stock my kitchen with a lot of food. Frozen, processed, instant, canned, you name it, I probably have it. Though, ideally I want to prepare fresh foods from fresh ingredients, this is not […]

Pineapple jam biscuit

I enjoy featuring traditional biscuits which had been with us since several decades ago. Earlier I had featured the sugar gems biscuit and also the cream crackers. Surprisingly, basic foodstuff like the cream crackers evoke many sweet memories for a lot of people Today, I bought the pineapple jam biscuits from the shop. It is […]

The humble cream crackers

I wonder why cream crackers are called cream crackers? Because there is no cream at all. Only bland biscuits. I notice that each country has their own version of biscuits. Cream cracker has to be the most common biscuits around here. It is bland in taste and is something one will eat when sick. People […]

Muffins and tarts

Since I often get ‘hate’ mails and comments like ‘I HATE YOUUUUUU’ for blogging about local foods, I decide to blog about muffins and tarts. Hopefully those Malaysians staying abroad will finally say, ‘aha, I can get better muffins and tarts over here’ and will ‘hate’ me less. My all time favourite muffin is from […]

Multi-colour, sugar, gems

This is probably one of the few available biscuits when I was small. Most kids will eat the sugar and throw the biscuit part away. My kids are still doing that, leaving a bag of saliva soaked biscuits which will be fed to the monkeys later on. There are a few shops in Penang which […]