Hindu temples

Sungai Palas is a tea plantation in Cameron Highlands. The rolling hills are planted with acres and acres of tea trees. The tea leaves are manually harvested every morning by the plantation workers who lives in Sungai Palas. There is a small school and several places of worship. I found a chapel, surau (a smaller […]

Dried strawberries

I am not a fan of strawberries because those found locally are either: Cheap = sour, small, not fresh Expensive (cost about RM30) = huge, mouth watering but too expensive for me to indulge. But these are Honey Dried Strawberry from Cameron Highlands. Taste like those pickles we ladies like so much. Sourish, sweetish, saltish […]

Tea time at T-Cafe

Drinking tea is not my cup of tea. Coffee works best. Therefore, I ordered coffee in Cameron Highlands, where tea is grown in abundance. I am a sucker for ‘personalised’ cutleries. Cup and saucer that doesn’t match. Unique design for each customers and stuff like that. It gives the homely feelings. All these lovely tea […]

T-cafe, Cameron Highlands

I brought along my Canon A10 camera which is very old and very basic. However, I am happy that I managed to get many memorable shots. We went to this cafe in Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata is a small town in Cameron Highlands. Developments are on-going with lots of construction. Here is a photo which […]

Steamboat in Cameron Highlands

Having steamboat in cold places is a fun thing to do. When I was in HK during the winter months, I made steamboat almost everyday. It is so convenient there because having steamboat seems to be the Hongkies favourite past time. You can buy everything from the supermarket. Seafoods from Japan like scallops, oysters and […]