Recipe : Drunken chicken with yellow rice wine

I recently learned the difference between white rice wine and yellow rice wine. The normal Chinese rice wine for cooking is the Shao Hsiang Hwa Tio brand. The yellow rice wine is made of glutinous rice. I bought a bottle of the yellow glutinous rice wine for less than RM10. It is meant for cooking […]

Brandy roasted chicken

Every year, we get bottles of XO brandy and I really do not know what to do with them. We are not regular drinkers so I use the brandy for cooking and baking instead. Of course, sometimes, when I am feeling bored, I added brandy to ginger ale, Sprite or even wine to make it […]

Mock chicken, mock cod fish and mock me

This is my last week of my self-persevere vegetarian fasting. It is not easy as many times, I had almost killed my own determination because the crabs, prawns and barbeque chickened were just right in front of my face. Come to think of it, I had been eating vegetarian foods since third day of Chinese […]