Do you love food photography?

I join Flickr groups and enjoy myself very much. Normally I join those groups that have topics related to my photography. Some of my favourite groups are the Friday Food Fiesta, Pasta, Rice, Exotic Fruits and etc. On the top of my favourite is certainly the Friday Food Fiesta where we post a new theme […]

Kalipok and hua chee

This is Penang’s Hokkien pronunciation of curry puff – Kalipok. I bought these tiny curry puffs from the Batu Lancang market for 20 cents each. It is really tiny and good for one mouthful only. There are several fillings like dried shrimps sambal (sambai hairbee), bak hoo (meat floss) and peanuts. You can’t miss the […]

Mooncakes Galore

In a few days when the moon is at its biggest and brightest, the Chinese will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival or known as mooncakes. Since I have posted several mooncakes festival explanation over the years, this time, I will just put up some photos of the mooncakes. My current favourite is the yam paste. Initially, […]

The last wish of an Australian man

I do not know if readers are aware of the story where this senior Australian man who wanted a taste of the Kek Seng durian icecream before he died? He was formerly stationed in Penang under the Royal Australian Airforce F (not sure the F stands for what 😛 ) and before he died, he […]

Almond dessert

I am not sure why Chinese almonds and the normal almonds we eat are totally different. The regular almonds are nutty and good while the Chinese almonds smell like cockroach! Oh well, at least that’s how I think it smells. However, it is extremely nice to slurp a hot bowl of sweet almond soup with […]