Soft, chewy sweets

Some prefer the gummy bears from Germany.  It is said to contain pig’s gelatine and you can only find it from delis that sell pork.  Me?  I tried it before and it is nothing special.  Too sour for my taste buds.  And I absolutely hate it when my kids buy those coke worms.  You know….those […]

Green delights (agar-agar and sago)

No recipe but just some photos. My 13 yrs old son made these jellies or agar-agar. It comes in powder form so it is pretty easy to make. He just measure the required amount of water and added in some rock sugar and pandan leaves. Then, he enjoyed making them into various shapes. I just […]

Aiskrim potong (traditional icecream)

Long time ago, not everyone had electricity. Only certain homes had refrigerator. Therefore, getting to eat icecream was a luxury. Icecream or ice lollies were homemade with various flavours like red beans, sour plum, rose syrup, coffee, chocolates, orange and other basic flavours. I remembered buying aiskrim Malaysia for 10 cents per stick. Nowadays, one […]

Pengat Durian, anyone?

Someone got very agigated with my last post on Pengat normally cooked by Penangites during Chap Goh Meh or the 15th day of Chinese New Year. That’s how our Pengat looks and taste like but this dude seems to rant on and on about how wrong I was. So, today I decided to throw whatever […]

Some yummy kueh (cakes)

I just discovered that the area around the Genting coffee-shop in Jalan Delima, Penang has some very fun snacks stalls during afternoon. I had not wander to the place for a long time and therefore are not aware that this place is a goldmine for sweet-tooth like me. They have stalls selling local cakes like […]