Ang Hoay Lor branch

Ang Hoay Lor which is one of the better known Hokkien foods restaurant has opened a branch in Jalan Perak, just across the Army Camp. It is located in the open, i.e. in makeshift zinc roof shelter next to the Senior Citizen Clubs (or something like that). One of the original owner is there but […]

Gurney Mud, Goh Teo Kee suxs and some foods

Gurney Drive used to be a very nice place to hang out in the evenings or early mornings because it is a long stretch of pine trees lined beach with an esplanade for people to jog, date, talk or sit. You can rest under the shades of the trees, watch the waves hitting the rocks […]

Nice supper place with Penang hawker foods

I cannot remember when I blogged about this place. However, it is my regular place to have dinner and sometimes supper. So, let’s do it again. This is the hawker place at the junction of Caunter Hall road and that little road where Han Chiang primary school is. The place is famous for it wantan […]

Dim Sum photos

When my 11 yrs old son has his birthday, we let him have the choice of choosing where to have his meals. In fact, the lucky boy has two days to select what he wants to eat and all of us just had to follow. For lunch, he chose Japanese and hence, we had to […]

Loh Bak hawker in action

I love this corner coffeeshop at Jalan Sri Bahari and Penang Road. It is always packed during lunch time because of the chicken rice, loh bak and other hawker foods which are very good. The coffeeshop is call Kheng Pin and is opposite the Oriental Hotel. They are open only for lunch. If you around […]