Reminder that Hungry Ghost festival is coming soon

If I am read correctly, Hungry Ghost Festival falls on August 1, 2008. It is the first day of the Chinese seventh lunar month. It is the time when some Chinese believe that the souls from the netherworld are let out of their underground world and allowed to roam on earth. That’s why you will […]

Ching Ming Festival

Tomorrow, 4th April is the real Ching Ming festival. However, my hubby and his siblings had Ching Ming for my in-laws yesterday. He brought home so many pigs, ducks, chickens, cakes and fruits until my fridge couldn’t accommodate. Ching Ming festival is basically the clearing of our ancestors’ graves. Ching Ming can be carried out […]

Bwahahaha! Pig’s head got chopped

My four sisters-in-law are back to their most favourited season of the year. Ching Ming or the annual clearance of the graves fall on April 4th every year. They are now planning how to fit into the annual homage to their parents’ grave and their own inlaws’ graves. The amount of phone calls they made […]