Claypot waxed meat rice

I had a little disappointing meal which will be somewhat the reunion dinner this year. My three older children were fast asleep and refused to wake up for the dinner which I was hoping to eat together. So, that left me and my hubby plus the toddler. We headed downstairs to the restaurant nearby our […]

Annual loh bak for Chinese New Year

Between my sisters-in-law and I, we normally trade foods instead of giving gifts. There are four of them so what I did was to bake cakes for them. However, I am taking a breather this year as I am leaving for KL this Saturday. I will make it up to them after Chinese New Year. […]

The secret to the peanut cookies is the LARD

I bought a small container of peanut cookies last night. It costs me RM15! Doesn’t taste that good and it doesn’t have the L-factor. The above photo is my homemade batch of peanut cookies I made for Chinese New Year last year. You can find the recipe in my MalaysiaBest food blog under Chinese New […]