Quick dinner recipes

Many of us moms usually do not have a lot of time to prepare an elaborate dinners during working and school days. Most often than not, we will whip up some quick but not so healthy meals. There are the frozen meals, quick frying stuffs or canned foods. These are not good for our children […]

Good healthy food blogs are hard to find

Recently, I got a bit carried away while I was shopping. So, I came home with a stash of Indian herbs meant for detoxifying our system. I like Neem as I have heard so much about it from my Indian friends. So, what started as a bottle of Neem ended up with two other bottles […]

Nen nen pau LOL

We had dinner at Cafe De Tai Thong the other night and we saw this funny looking pau. My older boys said “Look ma! Nen nen pau!” Nen nen means boobs in Hokkien. Since it looks so unique, I ordered one. The lady told me it is call ‘tai long pau’ which is the opposite […]

What does port wine taste like?

I have never tasted port wine before. Friends told me it is very expensive but very nice to drink as it is sweet. So, out of curiousity, I Google around to look for information on port wine and its origin. I wanted to find out why it is so expensive. Someone bought a $400 bottle […]

A nameless pink beans for soups

I have forgotten the name for these pink beans. I know I have blogged about this somewhere but for the life of me, I cannot recall which blog I posted it. Now, I am wondering what’s the name for these little cute pink dotted beans. As with all beans, taking too much of it can […]