Almost everyone agrees the Bidor Pun Chun duck noodle is over-rated

if you are a city boy, then, you may like the rustic feel of a small pekan like Bidor where people sell fruits like fresh guavas, jambu air and etc by the roadside. When I was there, they also sell rambutans. Now, I am much smarter and will not believe food blogers 100%. Ten may write that the foods are so yummy, so nice, so sedap, so great but all I need is one to tell me the truth.

Hakka pork and drunken chicken

I must make it a point to take pictures of the coffee shops I go to because my memory failed me easily. Now, I cannot remember the name of this coffee shop where I ate Hakka pork and drunken chicken wantan mee. The location is at the corner of Penang Street (not Penang Road) and […]

Is Pan Mee really from Sabah?

Over here in Penang, we only have a few stalls selling Pan Mee and all of them usually call their stall Sabah Pan Meen. When I was in Sabah, I actually did not find a single stall selling Pan Mee. Then again, I didn’t go to that many hawker places so I cannot be sure. […]

The lure of lok-lok is too strong to resist

Recently, I have been meeting a lot of cancer patients and sadly, one gets cancer even with good eating habits. However, I am always reminded of what foods to avoid and though I know cockles and shellfish are some of the most ‘toxic’ stuffs, I sometimes give in to temptations. In as much as I […]

Fear Factor is made of these lok-lok

After my 40 days of vegetarian diet, I was dying for lok-lok. I went to Padang Brown for lok-lok but I was going to eat alone as hubby hates lok-lok. I don’t have the heart to ask the uncle to set up a table just for me alone. So, I took a bunch of these […]