Mee and My Malaysia

I have until 29th August, 2008 to cook a plate of mee and then, blogged it. If you wish to participate, please read the guidelines on Babe’s blog.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating what mee to cook. Sotong Mee? Let’s see….I fry omelette in tri-colour….put lots of sotong and call it so-do-mee.

Spicing up those food photos

One of the most important element of food blogs is of course the photos. Without good photos, a food blog is hard to maintain its readers and subscribers. I have seen some very articulate writer who can describe the flavour of foods so well and yet, they didn’t accompany their posts with photos that do […]

Home is where the heart is

Have you heard Dr. James Dobson’s over the public announcement or radio? The local supermarkets here normally play his preachy words over the speaker and though I never pay attention to what he says, I know that those are pretty good and sensible advices. Normally, when I am doing my grocery shopping, he will be […]

This site is expanding to its own domain and hosting

I know I have not been able to update much with food blogs. The reason is because I hardly cook anything special. Due to the pre-election fever, we also didn’t go out for meals but stay tuned to the Malaysia election results. My camera is filled with only photos of the elections and almost no […]

Happy Voting Day!

It is the Malaysia’s polling day today. March 8th 2008. I have not been posting much on any of my blogs except my personal blog because I am gripped with election fever. I had been out to ceramahs or political debates every night for the last three nights. Each night I spent about 4 hours […]