Almost everyone agrees the Bidor Pun Chun duck noodle is over-rated

if you are a city boy, then, you may like the rustic feel of a small pekan like Bidor where people sell fruits like fresh guavas, jambu air and etc by the roadside. When I was there, they also sell rambutans. Now, I am much smarter and will not believe food blogers 100%. Ten may write that the foods are so yummy, so nice, so sedap, so great but all I need is one to tell me the truth.

The cutest little piggie ever (Ipoh biscuits shop)

No kid can resist the shop. Is non-halal, for sure. It is located near the Lou Wong Chicken rice shop road. Business is brisk because bus loads of tourists cannot resist picking up some goodies and also souvenirs for the relatives back home. The face tells you that he must have one each of the […]

Ipoh – Kim Kee Seafood & Pork Noodle

Haze, traffic crawl, festive crowds….long-long way from home. So, we took a break at Ipoh and went right into Ipoh’s puzzling signboards and missing road directions to find out what we can discover to perk up our tired souls. Wallah! A bowl of seafood noodle with a very delicious soup boiled from anchovies. It costs […]