Braised mutton (lamb) with Chinese herbs

Sometimes, I strike on a right combination and came up with something delicious. Today is one of them. I surfed The Star’s site and read two recipes, from Amy Beh and Majorie Chiew. I combined both ideas and make use with whatever I have in my fridge and came up with this recipe. BRAISED MUTTON […]

Barbee Burger – Minced pork burger

It started as a kitchen experiment by my eldest son and soon, it becomes a favourite amongst my kids. They have wondered what pork burger tastes like because we do not get them at McDonald’s Malaysia. I heard they serve pork in McDonald’s Thailand? I know Singapore and Hongkong also do not serve pork at […]

Siew Mai – How do they make the skin moist?

I have a failed siew mai making project recently. The taste of the minced pork with prawns is good. However, the skin remains dry and unimpressive even after I have steamed the siew mai for a long time. This is the siew mai before steaming. I put a tiny piece of salted duck eggs on […]

Big arrowroot soup with spare ribs

There are two types of arrowroot. One is the small, whitish bulbs like a small, yellow onion which is very popular during Chinese New Year because this small arrowroot makes good chips, very much like potato chips. You can find my recipe for making arrowroot chips for Chinese New Year over here. However, there is […]

Recipe for Hakka Abacus seeds or Chinese yam coins stir fry

My Hakka hubby and Hakka sons loved the dish. So, yay! Hainanese woman won the award for stealing a Hakka recipe and making it so tasty. Next time, I am going to make them in big batches and feed them to my four Hakka sisters-in-laws and trot around proudly because Hainanese women are good cooks. Hehehe.

Why is Chinese steamboat call ‘ta pi lor’?

I have been watching a lot of Hong Kong Cantonese TVB series. Most of them shows families and friends getting together to have steamboat. They will say something that sounds like, “ta pi lor’. I know ta means to do beat or to do something and lor is pot. But what is pi? The other […]