Lala – kuaci of the sea

Kuaci is unshelled, flavoured and roasted pumpkin, sunflower or melon seeds. Long ago, before we have all these unhealthy snacks of potato chips and etc, kuaci was a favourite at the movies. People from my generation will fondly recall cracking the Kuaci Cap Helang with their teeth, spit out the shells onto the floor and […]

Video on making the perfect scrambled eggs

I think readers are going to puke eggs because I have been talking about making the prefect scrambled eggs for the third time today. Well, what to do….I do not normally prepare scrambled eggs because I hate it. I prefer my traditional fried eggs which is like sunny side-up, runny and yet, crispy on the […]

Crispy Chinese roasted pork – Video

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this roast pork video. But oh boy, now I am hankering for some really crispy, crackling Chinese roasted pork. Chinese Crispy Roast Pork – Click here for funny video clips The video is a homemade video and I believe is from Singapore. The guy who made it uses […]

Non-bake, fake salted chicken

We bought a salted chicken with dongguai flavour the other day. The above salted baked chicken costs RM22 and it is really tiny. We will need at least two chickens to feed the kids. I have seen how salt baked chicken is made and I personally will not attempt because we need to make a […]

Green radish Chinese soup

The vegetable seller in Pulau Tikus market introduced me to this green radish. I have never seen nor eaten them before this. So, I bought one to try to make radish soup. It does look lovely with the green colour, yes? The taste is almost like the white radish but it doesn’t have that strong […]