Do you want to get teeth whitening service abroad?

Recently, I made the mistake of brushing my teeth with a lemon flavoured toothpaste. I didn’t realise it was the cause of my sensitive teeth and suffered for several days until I discovered it was the toothpaste that is the culprit. During the sensitive teeth period, I couldn’t eat cold foods, sweet foods, many types […]

Italy – lots of memories and good foods

This photo was taken almost 10 years ago and I just found it in my Flickr album. For the life of me, I cannot remember where I was! You see, I went to Milan, Como, Florence, Pisa, Genoa, Venice and Rome and every where I went, there were lots and lots of churches and cathedrals. […]

Need any hotel guide?

I have lamented that I won’t ever get to travel overseas anytime soon because the children are all grown up and it will costs a bomb for us to go as a family. Moreover, my hubby has a new job and he won’t be able to take long annual leave for anything unless these are […]

Need to “Go Slow”

My dear hubby is starting a new job tomorrow. Sadly, that will also spell the end of the ‘honeymoon’ that we have these past two months. We didn’t manage to go anywhere except for a short trip to KK because my eldest son had his important exams while my second son is tied up with […]

Celebrations and festivals

The above is the Christmas turkey I roasted last year. It wasn’t as great as the previous year turkey because this turkey from France does not have the timer like what I got from the USA. This morning, I went to the frozen food supplier and was told that the turkeys will only arrive later […]